Amarillo, Lubbock and all of West Texas, welcome to the wonderful world of horse racing!
Now, for the first time ever, West Texans can legally wager on horse races at Saddle Brook Jockey Club in Amarillo.

Saddle Brook Jockey Club is a temporary simulcast facility where horse racing fans can watch and wager on horse races from coast to coast. As the owners of the license to build the first horse racing facility in West Texas (Saddle Brook Park), Texas law allows us to open and operate our new temporary simulcast facility, Saddle Brook Jockey Club, right now as plans for live racing move forward.

What we are most excited about is Saddle Brook Jockey Club will have a positive impact on horse racing in Texas.
Not only are we expanding the fan base of racing by bringing the sport to a whole new audience, we are making a contribution to the racing purses at Texas tracks, as a portion of every dollar wagered here goes to building these purses in Texas.

Q&A. Meet the Saddle Brook Jockey Club owners, Drew Alexander and his brother Lynn Alexander in this Q&A.

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